Pewfell: The Epic Fantasy Sticom

Pewfell is a webcomic about a worthless wizard, his warrior wife, and the little blue gnome who hates him.


The adventures of Pewfell take place on our own earth, but in the far, far distant future. Over many millenia and in many ways society has devolved into a more regressive fudal state, but in a few other ways they enjoy great advances over our own civilization.

The following links lead to maps, images and descriptions, many of which are themselves clickable. just jump in, wander around and see where you end up:

Please feel free to adapt any of these maps and characters for use in your own RPGs. Just keep them for personal use and let me know about it. If you have a website associated with your game please put a link to the this site (http://www.pewfell.com) or even better why not run the comic strip on your your site and insist your players read it every day!




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