Pewfell: The Epic Fantasy Sticom

Pewfell is a webcomic about a worthless wizard, his warrior wife, and the little blue gnome who hates him.

Here are some links to things you might also enjoy: If you'd like to submit something send it to: chuck@pewfell.com

Reccommended Fantasy Webcomics

  • Atland: My old pal Nate Piekos (of Blambot fame) has a great new fantasy webcomic that Pewfell fans are sure to enjoy.
  • Battlegate: is a new and so far very entertaining fantasy epic. Well drawn in a clean, colorful, cute style.
  • Bruno the Bandit: Ian McDonald's been producing this very funny fantasy strip for a long time now - check it out!
  • Clan of the Cats: A beatifully colored strip drawn in a more realistic style about Chelsea Chattan, a witch who is also afflicted by an ancient family curse. The stories deal with supernatural themes mainly, but also creep into the realm of normal everyday life.
  • The Circle Weave: Indigo Kelleigh's epic fantasy cycle.
  • Elf Life - Very popular and excellent daily strip by Carson Fire that's Bodey & Boney.
  • Elf 'n Troll - Another fantasy epic in the inimitable old-school Heavy Metal style of Tween creator A.P. Furtado.
  • Girl Genius - Maestro Phil Folglio brings his comical steampunk fantasy epic to the web.
  • The Knights of Dor - Award-winning tales with a distinct scandinavian flavor.
  • Knights of the Sroud - Brilliantly drawn gritty fantasy following five vigilante women in a life and death struggle against slavery.
  • The Noob - Hilarious adventures in the world of MMORGs
  • Pan-Gea - I love James West's simple yet sensuous line. Fantasy stories with fantastic cartoon art.
  • Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan - Reinder Dijkhuis consistently produces interesting and original fanatsy strips in a well drawn cartoony style.
  • Sian - A beautifully drawn and tightly written short story by Craig A. Teiffler. Pure pulp fantasy fun.

Favorite Artists/Illustrators

  • Aubrey Beardsley - Breathtakingly beautiful black and white from the 1890s. Reminds me that there's more to fantasy than bulging biceps and iron thongs... still even Beardsley knew that fanatsy isn't fantasy without a few nice pairs of tits around ;-)
  • Simon Bisley - Official site of this golden boy of comics' work. I remember when Bisley's work first appeared in 2000AD in the black & white Pat (he's taught me everything I know about philosophy) Mills ABC Warriors story, The Chronicles of Chaos (or was it Kronicles of Khaos, I can't remember now... my mind is weakened from years of reading comics... or is that comix...?).Anyway it was wicked in the extreme & so much better than anything else... and that's not even to mention the debut of Slaine, the Horned God in full color - oh happy days. Anyay, Bisley went on to do lots of covers here in the USofA and now seems to be settled in over at Heavy Metal Magazine where he was instrumental in the design of their disappointing FAKK2 Movie. I still think he's best suited to the characters, stories and style of 2000AD - Plus I prefer his straight black & white stuff as opposed to his color/shaded work. But, hey, who am I to criticize - he still rules!
  • Vaughn Bode - A site for the late master, plus here's a couple more: Vaughn Bode: PoemToons & Vaughn Bode Merchandise
  • Ruben Bolling - Creator of Tom The Dancing Bug a savvy and hilarious weekly strip.
  • Clyde Caldwell - Lush Dungeons & Dragons artist
  • Gary Chaloner - This australian artist has a lovely clean retor/film noir/1940s kind of style. Beautiful website in with glorious black and white comics posted by this master of shadows.
  • Richard Corben - Pretty decent unofficial french site - has links to Corben's online Animation project "Bludd".
  • Tony DiTerlizzi - Excellently realized fantasy monsters & maidens, vivid and realistic but with a humerous twist. What lovely curves and lines!
  • Jeff Easley - Probably my favorite of the polished D&D artists - but you know I prefer the older, cruder pen and ink drawings, before they could afford all that slick stuff.
  • Larry Elmore: Another Stalwart of the D&D Stable - losts of fantastic fantasy art to look at here. away. His current work is the Luther Arkright Series and all his drawing is really interesting and alive in a creepy kind of way.
  • Les Evans - Now this is what i'm talking about, cruder in technique, but dripping with atmosophere
  • Carlos Ezquerra - Co-creator of Strontium Dog (who will be missed forevermore), definative Judge Dredd artist.
  • Jim Fitzpatrick : Finely crafted fantasy images with an art nouveau feel, embellished with celtic knotwork. One of the great masters of fantasy art, well know for his work on Thin Lizzy album covers
  • Phil and Kaja Foglio - My work is often compared to Phil's, although it's not really the same (& it's not really as good either!), he's been doing that cartoon fantasy thing for a good while longer though
  • Mark A. Garlick - An astrophysicist who is also an excellent visual artist - his photoshop spacescapes are astoundingly atmospheric.
  • Sophie M. Kleeson - Feminine, figurative fantasy artwork, very pre-raphaelite in flavor, with hints of art nouveau in the designs and layouts of this finely drawn work by this accomplished amateur artist.
  • Tanino Liberatore : Creator of Ranxerox, and other hyperreal freaky comics.
  • Milo Manara : Italian maestro. Words cannot describe his amazingly sensual line work.
  • Rodney Matthews - An official site at last for this British artist, well known for his beautifully stylized illustrations of Michael Moorcock's work. I love it!
  • Moebius - Read him and weep... though I find his wesite very annoying and tiny!
    Tayyar Ozkan - Another great artist of the 'Heavy Metal' School. This is a really enjoyable site with a nice personal feel to it. Generous helpings of his 'Caveman' art, comic strips and erotic art on view.
  • Keith Parkinson - One of the most prominent 'Dungeons & Dragons' artists
  • Arthur Rackham - This is the Arthur Rackham Society's homepage, a good place to start exploring the master's work
  • Bryan Talbot - I first saw Brian Talbot's art on Nemisis the Warlock (Gothic Empire Storyline) in 2000AD and was blown
  • Kris Verwimp - Hardcore and beautifully detailed dark fantasy illustration from this Belgian (?) artist
  • Charles Vess - Homepage to Greenman Press, a place to interact with other lovers of old ballads, comics, fantasy, illustration, and the fantastique.

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