Pewfell: The Epic Fantasy Sticom

Pewfell is a webcomic about a worthless wizard, his warrior wife, and the little blue gnome who hates him.

Down the 'Nuts

Welcome to the Hog’s Nuts Wine Bar and Grille
Come on in and meet the regulars...


1. Pewfell
The hero of these tales is an extremely useless wizard who never officially graduated from sorcery school.

2. Tina the Warrior Princess
Pure of heart and valiant of spirit, Pewfell's wife was raised to hold her own among the rough and unwashed Nordic warriors of her father’s clan.

3. Gnoma
This small, blue pest squats in Pewfell's basement and does all in her power to make him miserable.

4. Lillypad
Pewfell’s college roommate was partially turned into a toad in his magical resistivety finals. Lillypad now works as restaurant critic for the Spirekassle Gazette.

5. Podrick and Pankratz
As infants, Pewfell and Tina's twin boys were accidentally placed inside a powerful magical artifact known as the 'Thrones of Chaos'. The wizards at the university say they should be fine as long as they keep taking their pills.




6. Rødnez
Tina's steed and household pet is an affectionate vegan wyvern.

7. Bish Bathenwell
Cyborg cleric devoted the goddess Hornbag, an obscure deity that no-one else has ever heard of. Though Hornbag appears to be a product of Bish's deranged mechanical mind, his faith and it's accompanying vow of chastity remain unshakable.

8. Pedwyn, Alias: “The Jackal”
Pedwyn is a free spirit who loves life and loathes only boredom. Though he believes himself to be of good moral character, he often finds that crime is the most efficient way to earn a living.

9. Fug the Barbarian
Fug's easy-going and peaceful nature is somewhat hampered by massively destructive fits of berserker rage that warp his body into a twisted and uncontrollable killing machine.

10. Kolin Kook
Bish's loyal but hopelessly vacant acolyte.


11. Bogbrian
Landlord of Pewfell's local, the Hog's Nuts Sports Bar and Grille.

12. Petronio Politicus
Behind his foppish exterior, Pewfell's attorney is devious, deadly, and completely untrustworthy.

13. Captain Radula
Long-suffering chief of the Spirekassle City Sewer Patrol.

14. Brother Bardy
A clerical cousin of Pewfell’s who serves as an acolyte in the Black Church of Baphommet, Devil Lord of the Twelve and a Half Hells and as bassist in a popular punk rock band.

15. Cuthpert Codpeace
Spirekassle’s wealthiest and most well respected businessmen. Cuthpert is determined to see the city grow as prosperous and cosmopolitan as any in the world.

16. Lurgi
Ancient demon who has adapted to the modern world by opening up a successful chain of Magic Shoppe franchises.

For more in-depth info on the characters and the setting see the world page.


Pewfell is an epic fantasy sitcom that follows the amazing adventures of an inept wizard, his warrior princess wife and the small blue gnome who hates him.

Pewfell began running as daily webcomic in early 2001 and was one of the charter strips offered as part of ModernTales.com when it launched in 2002 and continues to appear there to this day. Pewfell can also be found on various places on the web, including DrunkDuck, DriveThruComics, ComicXpress, Clickwheel.net, ComicSpace. and 'The Wizards of Ur', a blog feturing the work of some of the greatest cartoon fantasy artists on the web. Pewfell appeared in the documentary film 'Adventures Into Digital Comics ' and was featured in the book 'Toon Art: The Graphic Art of Digital Cartooning' by Stephen Withrow.

Some of my inspirations for Pewfell include the comic strip work of E.C. Segar, Goscinny & Uderzo , Gilbert Shelton and the books of Terry Pratchett.

Learn more about Chuck in this extensive tell-all interview over at ComicBookAndMovieReviews.com

Enjoy the strip!
Please email with any comments or suggestions: chuck@pewfell.com
Chuck's illustration portfolio & resume: http://www.whelon.com


Here are some nice things others have had to say about Pewfell:

Pewfell is kick ass, with extra kick left over in case more ass shows up.
—Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade

Solid laughs, funny characters, and ludicrous plot points from start to finish. This remains one of my favorite indy sleepers: a satisfying little book.
Marc Mason, ComicsWaitingRoom.com

An online comic masterpiece.
Carson Fire , Creator of ElfLife

Chris Adams, Creator of Yamara

Creative, outrageous, and original – this is an excellent fantasy comic!
Alden Scott Crow. Zine World






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